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Milking cows. Of course, I had to try it

Guest - Pennsylvania, USA

I’d already tried an assortment of unfamiliar tropical fruits. I made some bowls out of the gourds growing in Palm Gardens and I’d indulged in the Dominican liquor - mamajuana.  Of course, I also had to take a trip to the milkshed for my first every milking lesson.

The first thing that struck me was how warm and friendly the guys at the milking shed were. The second thing was that milking a cow wasn't nearly as easy as they made it look! 

Though I grew up in a farm environment, I'd never been around dairy cows. The cow and the cowboy were very patient. Even though we spoke different languages (neither the cow or the cowboy spoke English), the guys and I figured out really quick that it would take me a while to get the knack of milking.  We all had a great laugh and the bonus of having milk direct from the source to drink on our week's vacation.

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