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Isn't it ironic?

Jeff ~ Palm Gardens 11

Textile vs nude? It’s the question we often ask ourselves. Yes, we need clothes for protection and warmth, but given a choice, the readers and author of this article would much rather be nude. But there is a time and a place for nudity! For myself, Canadian winters make me want to go anywhere that is warm and that place is New Cambium!

A little back story. My wife Lisa is in the clothing business! Don’t go thinking ahead now, but I am sure you do see the irony here. A nudist married to a clothing designer and women’s clothing store owner! Well, let me tell you, it works, and I’ll tell you how! For one thing, Lisa models her own clothing line, therefore does not want tan lines to throw off the look of the garment. She is a free spirit, so enjoys being naked in our beautiful surroundings. But the amazing thing is, part of her clothing line every year is cruise wear or beach wear if you prefer. Her family business creates gorgeous designs for bathing suit cover-ups and hot weather dresses that can be worn without anything underneath, which many naturist women prefer, when going out in public. 

Here’s where I come in! I have the pleasure of shooting her social media videos for any and all of her designs. And the best part is, we shoot them at New Cambium. I have worked in the nude many times as the Executive Producer and creative head of The Nude Traveller, a video travel series I was producing in the early 2000’s. Having moved on from that, it was a great opportunity to shoot Lisa’s videos in the nude, but only at New Cambium! And for her, she can change poolside into any outfit without worrying about what is revealed underneath. A total win-win! So yes, the irony is, we advertise clothing in a non-clothing environment. For Lisa’s regular customers in Canada, it’s our little secret, but we were asked many times while in New Cambium, just exactly what we were doing. I think the tip off was the huge amount of luggage we had with us when we showed up at my casita! Luckily, we weren’t charged extra for baggage on the plane!

Once upon a time, New Cambium’s slogan was live, play, work in a totally tropical and nude environment. Many live here; everyone plays here and now; we can add work to our playlist

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