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Why do we come?

Isa – Cana 7

Meet your Self and enjoy life.  That is what New Cambium is all about at its core.

Get rid of your clothes and meet your Self in your pure nakedness. ​New Cambium offers you the opportunity to experience real freedom.

If you choose to embrace it.

Imagine, you have:

  • Perfect weather and perfect temperatures year round

  • Abundant nature to walk in, naked, for hours

  • A broad variety of birds and butterflies to watch dancing and soaring

  • Fruits to pick right in your backyard

  • A roof over your head, a comfortable bed to sleep in, and a kitchen to prepare your meals

  • Shops in the nearby village offering all the basics you may want

  • Nearby beaches, with beach-life or completely empty and just for yourself

But what if your Self is overwhelmed by such freedom? What if it does not know how to handle an 'absence of nothing', not knowing how to handle the feeling of 'nothing is missing or wrong'?

What if your normal identity now is in panic and desperately tries to reinstate 'normal' like detecting what is right/wrong; good/bad; stupid/smart; perfect/needs to be improved; is/or is not, meeting your expectations? 

When you first come here and observe these kinds of thoughts and feelings, what if you choose to just sit back and observe your 'normal identity' now in distress or even panic?

And then you choose to just connect to your Self and trust that all is right as it should be.

Your Self is always longing for freedom and to enjoy life, that is why you most probably have been attracted to New Cambium and that’s why we come.

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