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  • Is New Cambium near a nude beach?
    Our local beach, 2 km from the gate, has many secluded areas where it is easy to swim naked, but there are no beaches in the Dominican Republic designated for nudists. We have been going to the beach for many years and have never had a problem.
  • Do I need a car?
    Getting to the property we can arrange transportation from the airport (which can include a stop at a grocery store). Once here, you can use taxis or moto concho (motorcycle taxis) to get around. Outside the property the two closest towns—Gaspar Hernandez and Rio San Juan-- are approximately 15 minutes away in opposite directions. You will also want to visit the local beaches which are 2Km from New Cambium. Taxi service is available from the village via car or motor concho (motorbike). There is also public transport on the main coast road (Rt 5) Of course, some visitors enjoy the freedom of having their own car available. If renting a car, we recommend a high ground clearance vehicle such as an SUV. We are in rugged country and hills are steep and roads can be affected by tropical rains. There is also a river to ford when crossing to the west side of the property. The river is seldom deeper than three inches but in extended periods of heavy rain it can rise to higher levels. Exercise caution during those few days. ​ At New Cambium itself, facilities are centralized so most people walk; some have bikes, motorcycles, or use cars to get around. It depends on your comfort level.
  • Airport shuttle
    We can arrange airport pick up. Let us know your arrival time, airport, and we will give you a price.
  • Is there a restaurant?
    No, New Cambium is 100% self-catering but there are plenty of restaurant choices at Playa Rogellio, our local beach, and in Rio San Juan which is 15 kms away.
  • Shopping
    Our village has several small stores that sell anything from flip flops to rum. Alexandra grocery store sells the basics. However, Gaspar Hernandez to the west or Rio San Juan to the east offer more grocery stores (super mercados), pharmacies, petrol stations and tourist shops. Larger shopping areas geared towards tourists may be found in Cabarete, Sosua, and Cabrera.
  • Internet
    Internet is available via hotspots that can be rented from local cell providers or from New Cambium. Altice or Claro both cover New Cambium. The hotspot is small, battery powered, and portable. you can rent one of the units we have at New Cambium. Just let us know to reserve one for you.
  • Money
    Rio San Juan and Gaspar Hernandez have banks with ATMs. Money can be exchanged at Caribe Express Offices in both Rio San Juan and Gaspar Hernandez. Credit cards are accepted at many large retail establishments, but they may include a surcharge. Small eateries and bars only take cash.
  • Water
    Bottled drinking water can be purchased in the grocery store and the colmados in town. A 50 peso deposit ($US 1) is charged on the container. Tap water for cleaning, showering, etc. comes from a small dam on the mountain nearby so please use it wisely.
  • Electricity
    Most of our houses are powered by solar energy, which is eco friendly and silent. We store excess power in batteries associated with each house. This means even on cloudy days electrical power is available if used wisely. You can expect to run a fridge, lights, laptop, and chargers. If you have questions, please check with us.
  • Safety & Security
    Dominicans are generally welcoming and friendly and that’s especially true in our small village of Villa Magante. The majority of crimes happen in the larger cities; but it’s always prudent to take security measures. Be aware of your surroundings and follow common sense guidelines: Don’t leave valuables unattended. Keep aware of your personal possessions, especially if you are in a crowded area. Be sure to lock your car and store valuables out of sight. Avoid driving at night. It’s hard to see the many motos on the road and driving drunk is common. The traffic rules are the same as anywhere else; yet, few Dominicans follow them. If you are driving, always follow the rules and regulations. New Cambium has a number of measures that create a secure environment for residents and guests: Everyone who enters the property must check in at the front gate Security guards keep an eye on the grounds 24-hours a day. You’ll see them on motos or walking around the property. They respect your privacy and are discreet, but they are also friends and appreciate your greetings. Don’t be surprised if you see them with a shotgun, that’s the way the DR rolls. Strategically placed security cameras monitor trespassers. A WhatsApp New Cambium Emergency Group connects residents and visitors to the Gatehouse staff in case of an emergency. All the security guards, and gatehouse staff, people at New Cambium are in the group. Before you arrive at New Cambium, please ask Diogene to add you to the WhatsApp group, and after you leave, to be removed.



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Thank you all for a wonderful visit, my third

It's good to see Cambium growing, with a lot of really great visitors from Europe this year, lots of fun! And beautiful new houses being built.  Such a great way to spend my winter.

- TS Vancouver BC Canada

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