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Happy Birthdaying!

Jodi ~ Guest -South Dakota, USA

What memories surface when you think of birthdays? Cake? Frosting? Ice cream? Glamorously wrapped gifts? Of all my celebrations, and there have been more than a few, one will remain, especially poignant. 

My birthday fell during our first visit to New Cambium. To mark the occasion, we took ice cream cake to the community meal. The conversation, company, and food were exemplary. What happened as we ate the cake moved me to tears.

In turn, the company serenaded me, each in their own language. French. Spanish. German. English. Danish Gaelic. Irish.  I was truly happy birthday-ed!    

In this divisive world, we had discovered a group of people with the ability to enjoy and uplift one another. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, spiritual or political leanings. In this world, there exists a community and a tropical setting who celebrate joy.

I’ll be back this year with be ginger-orange cookies! See you poolside!!

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