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Solar Power

Homes in New Cambium are powered by the sun!
Because grid power is unreliable currently, although this may change in the not too distant future, we use the sun to give us our electrical energy.  This is eco friendly and silent.  We store excess power in batteries associated with each house.  This means even on cloudy days electrical power is available.  It also means that we are careful in our usage when it is cloudy.  Generally speaking a eight panel, sixteen battery installation can easily support refrigeration 24x7 along with fans, TV, washing machine and microwave ovens.  Such a system can also run a small Jacuzzi pump (3/4 hp) without a problem and provide ride through for 3-4 cloudy days. Highly consumptive loads such as air conditioning, clothes dryers, electric ovens etc are not recommended.
If you are building a house at New Cambium we will be happy to provide advice on sizing systems.
Four panel ground mounted PV array allows for easy seasonal adjustment
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