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Getting Around

Inside Cambium walking is the way to move around.  Facilities are centralized so there should be no reason for mechanized transport. We recommend a high ground clearance vehicle such as an SUV to get to your house or casita from the airport unless you are using our shuttle service.  We are in rugged country and hills are steep and can roads can be affected by tropical rains.  There is also a river to ford when crossing to the north side of the property.  The river is seldom deeper than three inches but in extended periods of heavy rains, the rainy season is November, it can rise to higher levels so caution should be exercised on those 2-3 days a year when this can happen.
Outside the property the two closest towns are approximately 15 minutes away in opposite directions.  You will also want to visit the local beaches which are 2Km from New Cambium.  Taxi service is available from the village via car or motor concho (motorbike).
There is also public transport on the main coast road (Rt 5).
GPS Co-ordinates for New Cambium are: 19.612236, -70.175586
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