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If people were meant to be nude, they would have been born this way.”

-  Oscar Wilde




Often used interchangeably, nudism emphasizes the practice of social nudity, while naturism highlights an attitude favoring harmony with nature and respect for the environment into which that practice is integrated.  Essentially, naturists believe that baring it all has physical and mental health benefits, including stress relief and improved self-esteem.

New Cambium guests and residents can be nude without fear of judgment. Although each of us finds our comfort level with nudity, we expect anyone who stays here to be tolerant of the naturist lifestyle and follow these rules: 

  • You are expected to be nude when swimming in the communal pool at Palm Gardens.

  • Bring a towel or sarong to place on chairs.

  • Do not take photos of anyone without his/her permission.

  • Naturism is a non-sexual activity and naturist parents encourage their kids to appreciate bodies as part of their natural environment.

  • Social nudity is a joyful and key part of New Cambium’s international, family friendly community.   One of the biggest misconceptions about social nudity is that it is connected to sexual activity; it is not. Inappropriate sexual behavior is not tolerated.

It was the perfect antidote for this city dweller’s fast pace lifestyles.

New Cambium, with its beautiful tree canopies and lush greenery, was a wonderful place to find refuge and peace. It was the perfect antidote for this city dweller’s fast pace lifestyles.

- DG  California USA

Curious to learn more about naturism?
Check out these informative resources: 

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Federation of Canadian Naturists

Federation des Espaces Naturistes

The International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI) is an organisation consisting of federations of Naturists, correspondents and extraordinary members in over forty countries.

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