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The Dominican Republic has six international airports.  The two closest to New Cambium are Puerta Plata (POP) and Santiago (STI).  POP is 1hr 15 mins away and is the closest and easiest to get to New Cambium.  It is serviced by American Airlines and Jetblue from the US with direct flights from New York and Miami.  Occasionally Jetblue offers a direct flight from Boston.  Check with your travel site since services vary by season.  You can also fly into Santiago which lies about 1hr 30 mins away over the mountains.  The trip is winding and steep in parts but very scenic.  Santiago is a bigger airport and more carriers operate into it.  Wherever you choose to land we can pick you up or you can rent a car. If you do rent we generally recommend a 4x4 to access New Cambium as the roads in the final section are steep and can be rutted by rains.  
Santiago (STI)
Puerta Plata (POP)
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